Mass Intention Requests

Now that we are following all the diocesan rules about Mass Intentions, we have a backlog of Mass Intention requests. On this webpage, we will summarize our situation and the solution to this problem at our parish. For a more in-depth explanation, please click here. Thank you for your understanding and good will in this regard. If only we could recruit more parishioners and more priests, we could have more Masses, and thus schedule many more Mass Intentions! In the meantime, please remember that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is always offered for all of our prayer intentions, both public and private, at the same time.

Our Situation

Because we can now only schedule one Mass Intention per Mass by church law, we have a backlog of Mass Intentions. And yet, at the same time, we want to be able to schedule Masses for those who have recently died.

Currently we have four weekend Masses at our church. However, judging by our attendance, we only really need three weekend Masses to serve our aging congregation. Eliminating one weekend Mass would unfortunately result in having fifty-two less openings for scheduling Mass Intentions each year.

The diocese is in the process of merging parishes, based on the number of parishioners and the availability of priests to serve the parishioners. When parishes are merged, the Mass Intentions of both parishes become the overwhelming responsibility of the successor parish community.

At the same time, every Mass can have an unlimited number of private Special Intentions for which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is also offered. However, parishioners prefer Mass Intentions over Special Intentions.

Our Solution

Masses for the Faithful Departed take precedence over all other Mass Intention requests at our parish. As we read in II Maccabees 12:46, “It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, so that they may be released from their sins.” Thus, it is a spiritual work of mercy to help the souls of our loved ones get out of purgatory and into the fullness of heaven.

For each funeral, the parish reserves a Month’s Mind Mass about a month later, and an Anniversary Mass about a year later. More than one person may sponsor these Mass Intentions. The names of the donors are published in the Prayer Book outside of our Chapel. The name of the person for whom we are praying is published in the parish bulletin and announced by the priest.

Once a Month’s Mind Mass has been scheduled, any available Mass times prior to that date will be filled in with other Mass Intentions that have not yet been scheduled. Anniversary Masses may be continued each year as requested by the family of the deceased. Finally, please be advised that these parish Mass Intention protocols will be revisited sometime next summer.

Please reach out to us with all your prayer requests and spiritual needs.
May God lovingly answer all your prayers! God bless you!

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