Confirmation Program

Confirmation Preparation Program for 2023-2024

Seventh Grade or First Year Students complete the DRE level seven lessons. They also review and learn the Catechism of the Heart in preparation for the second year of our parish Confirmation preparation program. However, the best preparation of all is to faithfully attend Mass each Sunday and to conscientiously live as a devout Catholic Christian believer each day. Jesus Christ makes a difference in how we understand the meaning and purpose of life. Jesus Christ also makes a difference in how we live out our lives each day. Our Confirmation program prepares our students to make a personal commitment of their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and God.

Eighth Grade or Second Year Students complete the DRE level eight lessons. They also master the complete Catechism of the Heart in preparation for Confirmation. In the fall, there are two special parent-student meetings regarding the Profession of Faith, Confirmation Names, Confirmation Sponsors, and Parish Involvement. In the winter, there is a retreat for the Confirmation students. The final parent-student meeting in the Spring prepares for the actual celebration of this sacrament.  The Confirmation date is set by the diocese and will be announced as soon as it is communicated to the parish. Confirmation is usually celebrated after Easter each year.

As we transition into this new program for 2023-2024, those students who attended the former first year Confirmation preparation program in 2022-2023 are now taking a transitional Confirmation DRE program for 2023-2024. New students to our program begin with the year one DRE requirement in 2023-2024.

To register for our parish Confirmation program, please click here to sign up for our DRE courses in seventh and eighth grade.
Sacramental preparation is an integral part of our Digital Religious Education program for all of our parish students.

In the first year of their Confirmation studies, students should review and memorize the Catechism of the Heart.
The Catechism of the Heart is a valuable summary of the basic teachings of our Catholic Christian faith.

In the second year of their Confirmation studies, students will be invited to attend our special parent-student meetings.
Our students will receive a special commemorative cross from the parish as a remembrance of their Confirmation.

Weekly attendance at Sunday Mass, and Confession during Advent and Lent, are core spiritual activities for Catholic Christians.
As students prepare to complete their sacraments of Christian Initiation, they should be practicing their faith fully each day.

For a pamphlet with the Mass responses, please click here. For a pamphlet with the Confession prayers, please click here.

For our second year Confirmation students, please click on the following links for a copy of the documents regarding their Confirmation Faith Statement, Parish Involvement, Confirmation Sponsor, Confirmation Name, and the Catechism of the Heart. The schedule for the parent-student meetings and the student retreat will be published in September. The actual date for the Confirmation Mass will be published by the diocese.

For information about our parish Continuing Religious Education programs for people of all age groups, please click here. Our Confirmation students are encouraged to join our parish Youth Ministry program as well. Finally, please remember that religious education does not conclude with Confirmation. It only really begins then! For more information about developing and promoting Catholic Christian lifestyles, please click here.

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