Parish Membership

Membership Information. We are a Catholic faith community of prayer, learning, and service. Saint Dennis Church invites all people of good will to become Catholic Christians. We invite all Catholic Christians in our local area to pray with us, to learn with us, and to serve with us. Parish membership is open to all who want to become part of our faith community. These points are developed further in our monthly welcoming program for new parishioners. Please contact the parish office for information.

Membership Forms. In order to enroll you in our parish communications and, even more importantly, to provide pastoral care for you and your family, we need to know some basic information about you.  Please click here for our parish census forms. You may fill these out either before or after you attend our parish welcoming program for new parishioners. Parish membership is open to all who want to pray with us each week, to learn our Catholic faith tradition more deeply, and to live Catholic Christian lifestyles.

Saint Dennis Church:  Welcome to the Parish Community of Faith!

Why would anyone want to join a church at all?  Here are what we think are some good reasons:

First, because they have realized that the world as we know it now is not how God created it to be. God created it in love with purpose and order. He wanted us to be happy, but we decided to do things our own way instead. As a result, there is pain and sorrow, chaos and disappointment, sickness and even death. None of this had to be. We did all this ourselves!

Second, God nevertheless loved us so much that he sent his Son to make things right again. Jesus came on a search and rescue mission because, despite our sin, he thought we were worth dying for anyway. Because Jesus died for us, we can come back to God and go forward with Jesus to eternal life. This is the good news of Jesus Christ!

Third, when we make a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ, we enter into a relationship both with him and the community of his Church. With the teachings of Jesus to guide us, the sacraments of Jesus to strengthen us, and the community of his Church to support us, we are already living a heavenly life here and now as Catholic Christians.

This is why anyone would want to join a church. Why do you want to join a church? Are there any better reasons than the ones that are given above? We hope and pray that you will join a church to save your soul! The church is about our eternal salvation.

When you come to know Jesus Christ as the God of your life, everything in life changes. Things may still be challenging, but we are stronger when we are one with Jesus and his Church. We invite you to join our church. We invite you to join the Catholic Church. We invite you to join our parish community!

Why would anyone want to be a Catholic Christian? Here are what we think are some good reasons:

Because, in the simple words of G.K. Chesterton, they believe that what the Catholic Church teaches is true! If the Church were merely a human institution, it would have collapsed centuries ago. But, despite all its ups and downs, God isn’t finished with his Church yet, just as he is not finished with you and me either. Every saint has a past, but every sinner has a future. So, how is your future looking right now? The Catholic Church can help you plan for your eternal future in three ways.

First, know your faith! You learn and develop a working knowledge your faith through the Catechism of the Heart. We have a copy of this practical catechism for you. Unless you learn certain things by heart, you really cannot take its message to heart. This message will change your heart. This is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Second, love your faith! If you truly have a close personal relationship with Christ, you will be praying to him each day for strength and guidance. The more that you love him, the more you will want to receive his sacraments with other believers who have Jesus Christ as their mutual friend as well. These are the sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Finally, live your faith! Catholic Christianity is not a hobby but a comprehensive lifestyle. When you conscientiously live according to Catholic Christian values and teachings, you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ. As such, you are truly walking in his footsteps on a way that leads to eternal happiness. This is the lifestyle of the Catholic Church.

What lifestyle are you leading now? How would you rather be living your life? If you have discovered Jesus Christ in your life, you need a church to support you. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ to do just that. We invite you to join our Catholic Church by becoming a parishioner here. You have so many other choices. Please choose our parish.

Why would anyone want to join our parish community?  Here are what we think are some good reasons:

Because you have visited here enough to want to come again and again. Because you feel comfortable enough to want to make this parish your spiritual home. Because you experience Jesus Christ here in the following three ways, you will (super)naturally want to join us.

First, the prayer life of this parish calls you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. It is often hard to describe, but you know it when you feel it. There is something about the Masses, the atmosphere of the worship space, and the participation of the congregation that beckons you further.

Second, the learning opportunities of the parish appeal to you and your family. When you really get to know Jesus, then you want to know more and more about him. At every stage in life there are new questions for which you need deeper answers that help you live a Christ-centered life.

Finally, the activities of the parish not only appeal to you, but you start discovering other people with whom you feel comfortable in approaching as friends. A great friend of Jesus can become a good friend to you. That is what parish community is all about. You really belong here!

Why do you want to join this parish community? Perhaps it is close to your home, or perhaps you feel more welcome here than other parishes you tried. But the only good reason to join any parish is that you experience Christ here in a personal way. We are not a perfect parish, but you are probably not a perfect person either. So, let us grow in perfection together!

We come to church each Sunday because it is an important part of our daily lifestyle as Catholic Christians. We support our parish with donations according to our ability because we want to invest in something that is great and wonderful. We get involved in parish events because it feels like home. We hope that you will feel comfortable to join our parish family!

So, if you are looking for an invitation to join a parish, here it is! You should only join a parish that wants to have you as a member. Guess what? We would love to have you join us!  Please check us out!

First, study the Catechism of the Heart. Do you believe what we believe? If you do, then we are truly kindred spirits already. Faith is a lifelong journey of knowing, loving, and serving Christ together as fellow believers and disciples.

Second, look over our parish website. Do you want to be associated with people like us? Are you interested in the kinds of things that we do? If so, you may feel comfortable in being part of this local parish community. We need friends like you!

Third, give us some more information about yourself that will help our parish staff know you and serve you better. Do you feel comfortable in sharing this information with us? It will only be used for confidential spiritual reasons. We promise!

If you have any personal, spiritual, or other concerns about the Catholic faith or our parish community, please contact our pastor and he will be happy to discuss these matters with you further. Our only motive is to get you eventually to heaven!

Undecided? Unsure? Please click on the following pamphlets for more information or speak with the pastor or another parish staff member: 
Parish Membership | Parish Information | Spiritual Homeslessness | New Life in Christ | Catechism of the Heart | Census Information

Saint Dennis Church . . . looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, leading onward in love . . .  we are a Catholic Christian faith community who prays together, learns together, and serves together.  Please come and join us as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ!