Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care treats the human spirit in ways that go beyond healing to holiness of life. The reparative therapy of Soul Care provides a Sacramental Cure for the whole human person in Christ. In the process, we may also experience temporary symptom abatement as a respite from our redemptive sufferings. Repentance (deprogramming) leads to Catechesis (re-education) and results in Conversion (renewal). Sacramental Pastoral Care is thus the therapeutic hallmark of traditional Catholic Christian spirituality. “Resistance is futile; you will be converted!” So, convert to Christ before the world converts you first!

As a pastoral care provider, your pastor can discern your spiritual condition and make referrals to spiritual directors and other professional specialists for your ongoing spiritual care. At the heart of pastoral care ministry, we focus on the sacraments of Confession, Communion, and the Anointing of the Sick. Pope Saint Leo the Great taught us that, after his Ascension into heaven, Christ remains with us until the end of time in the sacraments of his Church. The signs and wonders of the early Church thus continue on in the devout celebration of the liturgy of the Church, and especially the sacraments.