Religion Classes

Religious Education Program. In this digital age, we have partnered with Ignatius Press and to provide our parish families with an effective and convenient home study program for the religious education of their children. These online lessons, with systematic assessments, provide a thorough presentation of the basics of our Catholic Christian faith at age-appropriate levels of instruction. Parent involvement is actually increased through this home study program under their supervision. Your pastor’s Catechism of the Heart is part of the core curriculum of our religious education program.

Sacramental Preparation Program. Our parish students who are current with our eight-year Religious Education Program, are eligible to participate in our Sacramental Preparation program.  Preparation for First Communion may start as early as second grade. Preparation for Confirmation may start as early as eighth grade. Regular attendance at Sunday Mass is a prerequisite for enrolling in our parish sacramental preparation program. Information about sacramental preparation is available to all our parish religious education families and students. Together we are forming the next generation of Catholic Christian believers.

The Catechism of the Heart. Here is an overview of the major themes covered in the Catechism of the Heart. We also recommend the My Catholic Life series to help parents support and reinforce the teachings in our core curriculum of religious studies. Our parish Convert Course is not only for those who want to join the Church, but for everyone who wants to delve deeper into the blessings of our Catholic Christian faith. Please also consider our ChristLife Course.

Level One: Basic Prayers and Teachings

Level Two: Participating fully in the Mass

Level Three: Confession and Communion

Level Four: Celebrating the Sacraments

Level Five: Obeying the Ten Commandments

Level Six: Following the Six Precepts

Level Seven: Living the Seven Virtues

Level Eight: The Catholic Christian Lifestyle

Ignatius Press Faith and Life Series. Please click here for information about the core curriculum for our parish religious education program.