Religion Classes

Core Curriculum. Our eight-year program from the religious education of children goes from first through eighth grade. For those who start late or miss a grade, special home study is required before they can join our program at their grade level. Please click here to register for these classes and to obtain the class schedules. While an online home study course is available, in-person learning is more effective. When a class is missed, the online home study course provides the make-up lesson for the students who are enrolled in the regular in-person classes. In order to advance to the next grade level, the required lessons for the previous grade levels must be mastered. The Catechism of the Heart is our guide in this regard.  

Scope and Content. Here is an overview of the major themes covered in our core curriculum and in complete the Catechism of the Heart. We recommend the My Catholic Life series for parents to help them support and reinforce the teachings in our core curriculum of studies.

Grade One: Basic Prayers and Teachings

Grade Two: Participating fully in the Mass

Grade Three: Confession and Communion

Grade Four: Celebrating the Sacraments

Grade Five: Obeying the Ten Commandments

Grade Six: Following the Six Precepts

Grade Seven: Living the Seven Virtues

Grade Eight: The Catholic Christian Lifestyle

Parental Involvement. There are quarterly meetings for parents which are held during their children’s class times. Sacramental preparation is available for those students who are part of our core curriculum classes. While their children are learning the faith, the parents can renew their faith! Finally, our religion classes are in vain if the family does not attend Mass weekly and practice the faith daily. Our goal is to know, love, and serve God in this life, so that we can be happy with him both now and for all eternity. Live your faith, love your faith, and share your faith each day!