Sacramental Preparation

Our sacramental programs for children prepare them for Confession, Communion, and Confirmation. All eight years of our core curriculum are the foundation for sacramental preparation. Those who start late or who skipped grades must make up the lessons that they have missed before they can begin their sacramental preparation program. With this prerequisite, students who have completed grade one religion and older may enroll in our Confession and Communion program. Likewise, students who have completed grade seven religion and older may enroll in our Confirmation program.

Communion Program. Students learn the basic prayers, the Mass prayers, and the confession prayers in this program. Knowing all these prayers by heart, and understanding these prayers at their grade level is important. But regular attendance at Mass each week is even more important yet!

  • Fall Session: learning all the basic prayers by heart
  • Advent Session: going to Confession for the first time
  • Winter Session: learning the Mass prayers by heart
  • Spring Session: going to Communion for the first time

Confirmation Program. Students master the Catechism of the Heart. They select a sponsor and a saint name, participate in a parish activity experience, attend a spiritual retreat, and compose a faith statement about their commitment to Christ as a life-long Catholic Christian believer.

  • Early Fall Session: orientation and the Catechism of the Heart
  • Late Fall Session: sponsors, names, and parish involvement
  • Winter: spiritual retreat and writing a personal faith statement
  • Spring: making a personal faith commitment to Jesus Christ

Sacramental Celebrations. Confession and Communion are scheduled by the parish. Confirmation is scheduled by the diocese. When students know their prayers and their lessons, they can make their sacraments either as a group or as individuals. May God bless our students and their families!