Convert Program

Our Adult Catechism course is a spiritual journey for many different people at various places in their lives:

  • Converts: people who want to become Catholic Christians, whether baptized or not
  • Reverts: Catholics who want to return to the Catholic Church or complete their sacraments
  • Introverts: Catholics who want to grow more deeply in appreciating their Catholic Christian Faith
  • Extroverts: Catholics who want to learn how to share their Faith more confidently with others

Even if you do not fit into any of these groups of people, you are most welcome to attend anyway. Please join us!

  • Classes meet on the dates and times selected for those who have enrolled.
    • Each class lasts about ninety minutes, starting and concluding with prayer.
      • This course begins after Labor Day, and concludes well before Memorial Day
    • Missed sessions need to be made up privately in order to benefit from the course
      • Additional resources will also be made available during each class session
    • Regular attendance at Sunday Mass is also an expectation for attending this course
      • This course is not just about religious information, but about spiritual formation
  • The textbook is the My Catholic Life series, which is available both online and in book form.
    • My Catholic Faith: understanding and embracing our religious beliefs
      • 8 lessons are studied over the course of the fall months
    • My Catholic Worship: experiencing and participating in our way of praying
      • 8-11 lessons are studied over the course of the winter months
    • My Catholic Morals: committing ourselves to a holy way living our faith
      • 8 lessons are studied over the course of the spring months
    • To access these books online, please go to MyCatholic.Life/the-my-catholic-life-series/
      • Hard copies of these books are available through your favorite online book seller
  • The Class Schedule is flexible but predictable throughout the course of the school year.
    • We meet each week to discuss the next lesson in the three-book series listed above
      • Each participant should read the assigned chapter in preparation for the class
    • There are study questions in preparation for each class or personal discussion afterwards
      • Please go to MyCatholic.Life/small-group-study/ to find these study questions
    • At the completion of the course, those who need sacraments will be able to receive them
      • We recommend the ChristLife course before or after this Adult Catechism course
    • Our parish also offers other opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth and development:
      • Please check the Learning section of our parish website for more information

Please contact the parish office for more information about our parish convert course. God bless you!