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Confirmation Program for 2022-2023

Personal Faith Statement

Confirmation Saint Form

Confirmation Sponsor Form

The Catechism of the Heart

Thank you for completing your sacraments of Christian Initiation by making your Confirmation!

Please click here for a special supplement to the Catechism of the Heart.

New Confirmation Program for 2023-2024

DRE is the name of our new religious education program for 2023-2024, and confirmation preparation is part of it. DRE stands for Digital Religious Education. For complete information about DRE, please click here to go to 

Confirmation students will take the seventh and eighth grade levels of DRE for Confirmation, and then attend four in-person sessions in their second year (eighth grade) to prepare for this sacrament. Please click here to go to for a summary of this program.

However, there is a special transitional program for this year’s seventh grade Confirmation students.  So, please read on further!  We recommend that you choose this option now, not just because of the benefits, but because of the blessings it provides you.

Special Program for this Year’s Seventh Grade Confirmation Students Only!  This offer is not available in future years. Those who have not taken the seventh grade program this year are not eligible for this transitional program, but must take two years of DRE for Confirmation preparation. So, once again, this transitional program is just for those who are in the first year of Confirmation preparation in 2022-2023.

The transitional Confirmation preparation program for 2023 includes a series of online lessons that you can finish before December 2023 if you start now.
If you sign up and start taking these online home study lessons for Confirmation now, there are two benefits which will expire very soon.

  • First, the tuition and fees for next year’s Confirmation preparation program will be waived if you sign up for these lessons now!
  • Second, you will be excused from the March 5, 2023, meeting for seventh grade (or first year) students if you sign up now as well!

In the 2023-2024 school year, you will complete these online home study lessons, and then attend four in-person meetings for Confirmation.
Next year’s new seventh grade students will take the online home study course for seventh grade in 2023-2024, and then eighth grade in 2024-2025.
So, please click here to sign up for the transitional Confirmation program, only for those who attended the year one Confirmation program this year.

Notice to this year’s eighth grade (or second year) Confirmation students! We regret the abbreviated program for Confirmation this year.
If you felt short-changed by this year’s brief Confirmation program, you may also take these online home study lessons for free as well.
However, since you are being confirmed this year, you still have to attend the March 5, 2023, meeting, as well as the February 25th retreat.
If you wish to sign up for these online lessons, please click here, but indicate that you are currently a second year Confirmation student.