Religious Education Program

Religious Education in the Digital Age. In the Fall of 2023, our parish digital campus opens for religious education lessons at Saint Dennis Church. Provided through the auspices of an approved catechetical website, religious education actually meets twice a week, that is, once for Mass and once for class.  Welcome to DRE, Digital Religious Education! Please click here to read our parish announcement about DRE, our Digital Religious Education program.

Catechism Program. For students in grades one through eight, weekly online catechism lessons are provided with regular assessments that track student progress. This is an eight-year comprehensive program of religious education provided through and Ignatius Press. Our religious education program follows the complete scope and sequence of lessons mandated by the national catechetical directory and the diocese.

Sacramental Programs. Our two-year sacramental preparation programs prepare students for their Communion and their Confirmation. Communion preparation begins in first grade. Confirmation preparation begins in seventh grade. If students start our two-year programs later, they will receive their sacraments later as well. This special preparation program completes the Sacraments of Christian Initiation for the children of our parish community.

In coming years, we hope to also provide regular classroom instruction with catechists. Please contact the parish office for more information.

Registration Information for DRE Students. Please contact the parish office or click here to sign up for DRE. Tuition is only $100 per family, and $25 per student, for this comprehensive eight-year religious education program.  Our parish DRE program follows the complete scope and sequence of the teachings mandated by the National Catechetical Directory and the religious education directives from the Diocese of Joliet. Welcome to DRE at our parish!

Sacramental Preparation for DRE Students. Our DRE students may sign up here for our First Communion program, and here for our Confirmation program. There are no tuition or fees for receiving these sacraments, or for the in-person training sessions that are held in the second year of these programs. Our DRE students receive their sacraments when they complete our sacramental preparation programs, not because of their particular grade level in school.

Continuing Religious Education for DRE Students. Religious education is a life-long faith journey which does not conclude with the sacrament of Confirmation. Our parish and diocesan programs for teens, young adults, and adults provide opportunities for the ongoing faith formation of our parishioners in all age groups. To find out more about CRE, Continuing Religious Education, please contact the parish office or click here for more information.

Saint Dennis Church is looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, and leading onward in love to new life in Christ. As a faith community of prayer, learning, and service, we invite you to join us as intentional disciples of Christ. For more information, please check out the many spiritual resources provided at the website. Together, let us lead and promote faithful Catholic Christian lifestyles for the new apostolic age of church history.