Convert Course - 1

This is one model for a convert course. It is based on the ChristLife Course and on my own Compendium Course. Please also review the information about the Convert Course on this website for other options as well. There are four phases of this adult formation program.


Attend Mass regularly. Learn the Mass prayers by heart from the Compendium.

Take Discovering Christ from the ChristLife Course.


Officially join the parish. Learn the Confession prayers by heart from the Compendium.

Take Following Christ from the ChristLife Course.


Study the spirituality part of the Compendium and make your first Confession.

Take Sharing Christ from the ChristLife Course.


Receive the Sacraments of Christian Initiation at Easter, or when you are spiritually ready.

Join a parish prayer or study group for continuing growth.

Although the Easter Vigil is the ideal time to receive the Sacraments of Christian Initiation, the spiritual readiness of each person is more important.
Are you thinking about returning to the Church after being away for some time? Please click here for information so we can welcome you back.

Convert Course - 2

Here is a second model for a parish convert course. There are many other possibilities as well.
Please check out the final section on this page for those who are returning to the Church.

Our parish Adult Catechism Course is a spiritual journey for many different people at various places in their personal faith journeys. Even if you do not fit into any of the following categories or groupings, you are most welcome to attend anyway. Please come and join us!

  • Converts: people who want to become Catholic Christians, whether they are baptized or not
  • Reverts: former Catholics who want to return to the Catholic Church or complete their sacraments
  • Introverts: Catholics who want to grow more deeply in appreciating their Catholic Christian Faith
  • Extroverts: Catholics who want to learn how to share their Faith more confidently with others

What’s in a name? Is it RCIA? Is it OCIA? Is it a Convert Course? Is it Adult Catechism? No! It is Catholic Christianity! We are a faith community of prayer, learning, and service. Please come and join us as Intentional Disciples of Christ! All are welcome!

Our parish convert program consists of regular attendance at Sunday Mass, participation in the life of our parish community, and adult classes. The goal is to encounter Christ personally in our lives, to establish our Catholic Christian identity in community, and to foster authentic Catholic Christian lifestyles as Intentional Disciples of Jesus Christ. We welcome you to pray, learn, and serve with us as Catholic Christians!

Our Convert Course is sometimes called RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) or, more recently, OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults). Whatever you want to call it, we are all called to ongoing conversion in our lives. While conversion is a turning-point in our spiritual lives, ongoing conversion keeps us faithfully on the path of discipleship. So, once a convert, always a convert. Welcome to Catholic Christianity!

Sunday Mass
is the spiritual foundation for a daily prayer life that centers on Christ as our Savior and our God. Worship is essential to our lives of ongoing conversion. Please check the parish Mass schedule for more information.

Parish Community
provides the context for knowing, loving, and serving Christ as a faithful Catholic Christian. Please check the parish website for information about parish programs and activities.

Adult Classes
provide instruction in Catholic teachings and values so that we can not only understand them but apply them to our daily lives. Please contact the parish office for information about these classes.

Convert Program. Although parish convert programs regularly begin each September, the actual celebration of the sacraments is discerned with the pastor when each participant is spiritually ready to continue on their next step. This is all part of our parish continuing religious education program, a lifelong journey of prayer, learning, and service. While the annual Easter Vigil is a privileged time to celebrate the sacraments of Christian Initiation, it is not always the right time for each individual person in their faith journey. Through a process of spiritual accompaniment, we will prayerfully discern God’s will for us in this regard together. 

Since we are all “works in progress,” there is a time and place for everything under the sun – but more importantly, there is a time and a place for everyone under the Son, who is Jesus Christ, our Savior and our God! And even when we are converted, we are always challenged to ongoing conversion in our lives as well. For a summary of our traditional Catholic beliefs and values, please click here. Please come and join us on this spiritual journey. For those seeking to return to their faith, please click here to learn more about the welcoming way back home. We are here to help you every step of the way!

Convert Course - 3

MyCatholic.Life. This catechetical series focuses on our Catholic faith, worship, and morals. As we work through the chapters of these inspirational books, we also focus on the three pillars of our spirituality: Communion, Confession, and Fidelity. This is a third model for a convert course.

My Catholic Faith
focus on our beliefs and how they help us understand God’s plan for our lives. Please click here.

Learning about the Mass, the liturgical year, and the Scriptures provides the foundation for our lives in Christ. Please click here.

My Catholic Worship
focuses on our prayer, especially through the sacraments that save us. Please click here.

Learning about Confession brings us to conversion of life, and conscientiously walking in the footsteps of Christ. Please click here.

My Catholic Morals
focuses on our values, through which we already experience a heavenly life. Please click here.

Learning about sacramental spirituality helps us form a Plan of Life that will lead us beyond this life to heavenly glory. Please click here.

Active participation in the prayer, learning, and service dimensions of parish community life helps us to walk together with Jesus on the way to glory.
For an overview of our Catholic Christian faith and values, please click here. To join a convert course, please contact your local parish priest.

Rejoin or Return? Welcome Back Home!

For those who are wondering about, or considering a possible return to their faith, please know that we are here to help you every step of the way. There is no rush. Whatever brought you to the point of rejoining the Church, is not just something, but someone, namely Jesus Christ himself. He is patient with all of us. We can walk together with you at your own pace. But it is not on your terms. It is truly on Jesus’ terms. He is the way to heaven. He is the truth about our human condition. And his life is the only life truly worth living as a Catholic Christian believer. Let us prayerfully take this one step at a time, and do it all together. The website,, is a special resource for your spiritual journey back home to Jesus and back home to his Church!

Step One: Come back to Jesus! – It always begins with Jesus! It is always about Jesus!

Through a combination of personal prayer, spiritual reading, spiritual direction, and reflection, we can help you recommit your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord, your God, and your Savior.

Sometimes a parish program or a meeting with a priest or another staff person may be helpful in taking this first step back to your faith. Come back to Jesus! Jesus is welcoming you back home!

Complete this first step in your journey back home by making a good sacramental Confession, with a firm purpose of amending your life, converting back to Jesus, and living as his disciple.

Step Two: Come back to Mass! – Your journey continues with praying together!

Start attending Mass regularly each week, making time for personal prayer each day as well. When Jesus asked us to “do this in memory of me,” he was referring to receiving Communion at Mass.

Prepare for a worthy Communion by resolving any unfinished spiritual business in your life. We participate fully in the Mass when we worthily receive Holy Communion.

Sometimes, a meeting with a priest may be needed to address some of these spiritual matters. Whether it is a moral, spiritual, or doctrinal issue, the wisdom of the Church can help you.


Step Three: Come back to the Church! – We connect with our fellow believers in Jesus Christ!

Join a parish community where you feel welcome. Participate in its programs and activities, support it according to your means, and make it your spiritual home away from home.

Develop a spiritual plan of life to keep you on track and always growing as a faithful Catholic Christian. This website can assist you in this regard. Just start!