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Parish Communion Program

Confession Prayers

Mass Prayers

Thank you for participating in our parish First Communion program!

Instructions for First Confessions on Saturday, December 3, at 12:00 noon in church.

  1. Parents should work through the book, “Making Things Right” with their child.
  2. Parents should also rehearse the handout for Confession with their child.
  3. Parents should help their children memorize the prayers on the Mass handout as well.

First Confessions are on Saturday, December 3, starting at 12:00 noon, going about an hour or so.

  1. The children are sent up to the other side of the altar, one by one.
  2. They will use the Confession handout, word for word. I will help them.
  3. Then they kneel down in the first pew to do their penance prayers.

After they complete their penance prayers, they go to the piano at the side of church.

  1. The child is given their copy of “Called to His Supper” for First Communion.
  2. The parents go through this book with their child before our next meeting.
  3. The parents also rehearse the Mass responses with their child as well.

Once the child gets their book, they can go home. If a child misses their First Confession on December 3, we will have to schedule another time for their First Confession through the parish office. Since I am not supposed to know their name when I hear their Confession, another person must be there to give them their book with their name on it. Thank you and God bless you! – Father James