The “who” and the “why” should always come before the “what” and the “how” of our faith.

The ChristLife Course leads us to discover, follow, and share Christ as faithful Catholic Christian believers and effective missionary disciples.

The Eucharistic Revival is designed to reawaken the Eucharistic Faith of the Catholic Church in America for many years to come.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church presents us with everything that is true, good, and beautiful about our Catholic Christian Faith. 

The Catechism of the Heart and Catechism Notes are my own pastoral commentaries on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

Adult Faith Formation provides continuing education for all confirmed Catholic Christians. Check with your parish and your diocese for details. 

Religious Education for Children sets the proper faith foundation for the rest of our lives as Catholic Christians. Check with your local parish for details.

Convert Classes are not just for unbaptized people or non-Catholics. All of us could benefit from regularly revisiting the core teachings of our faith.

MyCatholic.Life offers us many spiritual resources for our growth in faith, including its three-part catechism: My Catholic Faith, My Catholic Worship, and My Catholic Morals. Learning the Catechism teaches us how to fully embrace the Scripture and Tradition of our Catholic Christian Faith. Convert programs welcome people of good will into the fullness of our Catholic Christian faith. It also helps parishioners to enter more deeply into everything that is true, good, and beautiful about our Catholic Christian lifestyle. Spiritually, we are all works in process. Let us keep on growing each day in faith, hope, and love! and are two spiritual resources that will also help you understand our Catholic Christian faith better. Also, please check out as an additional spiritual resource for Catholic Christian marriage and family life. The more that we know Christ, the more we will want to know about him and his teachings. Our purpose in life is to know, love, and serve Christ, so that we may be happy with him both now and for all eternity. Christ gives meaning to our lives and reveals to us our true self. The ChristLife Course will introduce you to the Kerygma of our faith.  For further online learning opportunities, please check out:,,,,, and

What is the Kerygma? The Kerygma is the foundational narrative of Catholic Christianity which answers the essential core questions of all of our lives.

  • Why is there something instead of just nothing at all?
  • Why is our world so broken? Why are people so divided?
  • Is there any solution to all the problems that we face?
  • Do we have a role in making the world a better place?

The Answer. We are the question to which Jesus Christ is the answer. Although we were created, we were captured. But we were rescued, so that we could be restored. Please click here to learn more about Acts XXIX, so that you can be part of writing the next chapter of Church history. Ultimately, the Kerygma is the truth that will set you free from everything that holds you back from experiencing new life in Christ. Please click here for information about embracing the Catholic Christian lifestyle as your own Plan of Life.

For special information about new initiative for evangelizing catechesis through the national Institute on the Catechism, please click here.

We are Looking Upward in Faith, Moving Forward in Hope, and Leading Onward in Love, to New Life in Christ!