Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation is a lifelong program of continuing religious education for those who have embraced a Catholic Christian lifestyle of faith. Please click here for more information about online and in-person adult faith formation programs and courses.

Convert Course. Our convert course is not just for those who want to become Catholic Christians. It is also for those adults who have not studied their faith since Confirmation, and for those who wish to make up for missed sacraments. Please click here for more information.

Continuing Religious Education. Several excellent online courses are available for adults. Some adult classes are available throughout the diocese as well. The more we come to know and love Jesus, the more that we want to know about him and his teachings.

Prayer and Study Groups. Our parish hosts small adult groups for Bible Study and other spiritual topics of interest. The ChristLife course is one example of a prayer and study group that brings adults to a fuller appreciation and experience of their Catholic Christian faith and lifestyle.

Special Programs and Events. As programs and workshops become available throughout our diocese, they are promoted in our parish community through our bulletin, our parish website, and our parish social media. There is so much going on, there is something for everyone!

Faith Formation Director. Please arrange a time to meet personally with our parish faith formation director to obtain personalized recommendations that may be helpful to you in your spiritual journey as Catholic Christian believers and intentional disciples of Christ.