Child Faith Formation

Eight years of religious education classes are required of all students. If a student has missed a year, or starts late, they may test out of some of these years by verbally demonstrating their proficiency in the lessons of the Catechism of the Heart that are appropriate to their grade level. The sacraments are not received at any particular grade level, but only when the child is ready. Most students are ready for First Confession and First Communion in second grade, but not all. Most students are ready for Confirmation in eighth grade, but not all. Regular Mass attendance is also expected.

Religious Education Classes consist of online and in-person components. Online lessons are studied in preparation for each class. In-person classes then build upon these online lessons. Each class has an online assessment that must be passed in order to obtain credit for taking each class. In-person class attendance will help the students pass the assessment test for each lesson. Family gatherings throughout the year bring parents and students together with their teachers for special learning opportunities and friendship building among our faith formation participants.

Sacramental Preparation is described in another section of this website. The religious education classes are the foundation for sacramental preparation. For information about the Catechism of the Heart, please click here. Parents are encouraged to attend adult faith formation programs for their continuing religious education. Along with the eight years of religious education classes, regular Sunday Mass attendance is also expected. If people are not attending Mass each week, and living their lives according to Catholic teachings and values, our classes and sacraments are of little or no value to their salvation.