Music Ministries

Music Director.





Protocols for Music Ministry

  • The congregation is the primary choir. The music ministers lead and support the congregation in liturgical music.
  • In addition to the cantor who leads the congregation, there may be other singers and instrumentalists as well.
  • However, there may never be any applause-generating performance that distracts from our spiritual worship.
  • Music serves the liturgy as a form of prayer rather than that of performance. Concerts may be done at other times.
  • Preludes may occur before the five-minute bell, but music should never delay the progress of the liturgy.
  • If there are no announcements before Mass, quiet background music may occur before the Entrance Hymn.
  • In order to sing more verses, the Entrance hymn may begin early, but the people only stand when the bell is rung.
  • When incense is used at the Entrance and the Offertory, more verses or more music will be needed.
  • The Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation use the assigned texts for that Mass from the Lectionary.
  • The Mass music is sung in its entirety: Sanctus, Mystery of Faith, Great Amen, Agnus Dei.
  • During Ordinary time, the Gloria may be recited. The Creed is always recited.
  • For special occasions, the Preface and the Lord’s Prayer may be chanted.
  • The Entrance, Offertory, and Communion are processional hymns that conclude when these processions end.
  • The Offertory music may be brief instrumental, choral, or congregational music that does not delay the Mass.
  • The musicians receive Communion after the Communion hymn is over, as quiet background music continues.
  • The closing music may be instrumental, choral, or congregational, as the congregation processes out of church.

Review of Music Selections

  • Prelude: ends at the five-minute church tower bells, quiet music may continue if there are no announcements
  • Entrance Hymn: begins when the sacristy bell rings, ends when the priest is at the altar or the chair
  • Gloria: usually only sung on special occasions, during Advent and Lent the Kyrie may be sung
  • Responsorial Psalm: from the Respond and Acclaim book, cantor at the choir microphone
  • Gospel Acclamation: from the Respond and Acclaim book, cantor at the choir microphone
  • Offertory Music: the music ends when the priest washes his hands
  • Mass Music: always sung at each weekend Mass (Sanctus, etc.)
  • Communion Hymn: begins right after the Communion Antiphon
  • Quiet Music: while musicians are receiving Communion last
  • Closing Music: as the people walk out of church after the dismissal