The Rescue Project

Lenten Mission. This year, our Lenten Mission is online and on-demand, in a novena of nine inspiring videos from the Rescue Project. Please see the suggested schedule for the 2023 Lenten Mission on this webpage. The pastor will also be talking about the Rescue Project in his Lenten homilies. For more information about the Rescue Project, go to

Lenten Observances. For our parish Lenten Observances this year, please click here: During Lent, confessions are heard both before and after the Saturday afternoon Mass. Please check the weekly parish bulletin for more information about Lent at our parish.

2023 Lenten Mission Schedule: RescueProject.US
First Sunday of Lent: The Importance of Stories
Second Sunday of Lent: Why is there something rather than nothing?
Third Sunday of Lent: Why is everything so obviously messed up?
Fourth Sunday of Lent: It gets worse!
Fifth Sunday of Lent: What, if anything, has God done about it?
Passion (Palm) Sunday: What difference does it make?
Holy Thursday: Words are not enough.
Good Friday: What does he want from me?
Holy Saturday: Getting clarity on the mission.

To read our parish announcement about the Rescue Project, please click here. For your copy of the participant’s guide, please click here.
For Father John Riccardo’s book, Rescued, please click here. For a pamphlet on the four core issues, please click here.
Looking to go even deeper yet?  Please click here for information about the ChristLife course at our parish.

For information about the importance of the ancient Jesus Prayer and its profound spirituality, please click here.