Convert Program

An Adult Catechism Course is a spiritual journey for many different people at various places in their personal faith journeys.

  • Converts: people who want to become Catholic Christians, whether they are baptized or not
  • Reverts: former Catholics who want to return to the Catholic Church or complete their sacraments
  • Introverts: Catholics who want to grow more deeply in appreciating their Catholic Christian Faith
  • Extroverts: Catholics who want to learn how to share their Faith more confidently with others

Even if you do not fit into any of these categories or groupings, you are most welcome to attend anyway. Please come and join us!

Parish Convert Programs consist of Sunday Mass, the ChristLife Course, and Adult Catechesis. The goal is to encounter Christ personally in our lives, to establish our Catholic Christian identity, and to foster authentic Catholic Christian lifestyles as Intentional Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mass is the spiritual foundation of a daily prayer life that centers on Christ as our Savior and our God. Involvement in the lfe of the parish community provides the context for knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ as a practicing faithful Catholic Christian believer.

The ChristLife Course helps people discover, follow and share Christ in three trimesters of seven weeks each. A meal, followed by prayer, an instructional video, and guided group discussion provide the context for entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ as the God of our life.

Adult Catechesis provides instruction in Catholic teachings appropriate to the learning style of the individual person. Some people learn best by reading books. Others connect better through online learning. Still others benefit better from group discussions or individual mentoring.

Although parish convert program sregularly begins each September, the actual celebration of the sacraments is discerned with the pastor when each participant is spiritually ready to continue on their next step. This is all part of our parish continuing religious education program, a lifelong journey of prayer, learning, and service. While the annual Easter Vigil is a privileged time to celebrate the sacraments of Christian Initiation, it is not always the right for each individual person in their faith journey. Through a process of spiritual accompaniment, we will prayerfully discern God’s will for us in this regard together.

Please reach out to the parish office or introduce yourself to the pastor after Mass for more information about our Convert Program and to enroll in it. In the meantime, please explore the following websites:,, and But, above all, remember to pray daily, to read the Scriptures regularly, and to attend Sunday Mass weekly, as the foundation for our parish Convert Program. God bless you always!

We are looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, and leading onward in love to new life in Christ. As a faith community of prayer, learning, and service, we invite you to join us as intentional disciples of Christ. For more information, please check out the many spiritual resources provided at the website. Together, let us embrace faithful Catholic Christian lifestyles for the new apostolic age of church history.