Liturgical Seasons

Advent calls us to make ready the way of the Lord’s again, by recalling his first coming among us.

The four Sundays of Advent remind us about the four comings of Christ: in prophecy (Old Testament), in history (New Testament), in mystery (Sacraments), and in majesty (Second Coming in Glory). Let Christ come into your life by confessing your sins and believing the Gospel.

Christmas celebrates not only the birth of Christ, but our spiritual rebirth in him through faith.

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th?  Please click here for information about that date. And, what was the year in which Christ was born? Please click here for the answer. To find out even more about these matters, please click here.

Lent calls us to repent and believe in the Gospel, for the kingdom of heaven is truly at hand.

Do you know how to count the forty days of Lent? It is actually more important to make the forty days of Lent really count in your daily life. Please click here for insights into how you can turn your Lenten observances of prayer, fasting, and charity into a new springtime of faith.

Easter celebrates our gift of eternal life in Christ that begins even now with the outpouring of his Spirit.

In what year was Jesus crucified? Please click here for the answer. But there is something more important than that. The real question is about being reborn in Christ, that is, about dying to sin and rising to new life in Christ. Click here for information about the ChristLife course.

Ordinary Time reminds us that every day of our life has extraordinary opportunities to vibrantly live out our faith. The word “ordinary” refers to the ordinal numbers of the weeks throughout the year. But there is nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time. What we celebrate during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, we live out in the ordinary circumstances of daily life. On Feast Days, we honor those saints who are extraordinary role models for our ordinary lives.